Crash Batch Admission opne B.SC (Hons.) OBU Crash Batch Admission open B.SC (Hons.) OBU

Admissions in progress for Crash Batch BSc (Hons.) In Applied Accounting.
BATCH will be Starting from September 26, 2014

Date of interview Sep 24, 2014
Date to complete the Professional Ethics module Sep 30, 2014
Latest uploading of RAP to OBU site Nov 19, 2014
SKANS Fee Rs.33,000
OBU marking fee £188
For details contact: 03477779987  
Award of Merit Certificate Autumn 2013 Award of Merit Certificate Autumn 2013

Muhammad Rizwan Farooq
ICAP Roll # 4079871
SKANS ID : 2981

He has been awarded Merit Certificate for his outstanding performance in the subject of "Introduction to Financial Accounting" in Module B of Foundation Examination held in September 2013.
M. Rizwan Farooq
SKANS now an ACCA approved employer SKANS is now an ACCA approved employer!

SKANS is now an ACCA approved employer.
SKANS can now induct ACCA trainees and provide them with the relevant 3 years experience that is required for them to become competent ACCA members.

skans is now ACCA approved employer

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