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SKANS School of Accountancy has launched technical collaborations with several foreign colleges to give a competitive niche to its students. These enable our students to earn placement in foreign markets like UK. Now, our students can even pursue their professional education abroad. These partnerships clearly show that SKANS School of Accountancy brand is gaining worldwide popularity and acceptance.

  London College of Accountancy (LCA)

United Kingdom has been a popular destination for higher studies for centuries for those who want to gain top quality professional as well as conventional qualification along with international working experience. London College of Accountancy(LCA) is one of the leading institutions recognized for business studies, situated in the heart of London where students come from all round the world. LCA is known for quality, choice and flexibility at an affordable price. It offers students an extensive variety of accountancy and management professional, undergraduate and post graduate course options including ACCA, CAT, BA, MA and MBA International.

Partnerships with Anglia Ruskin University

In 2007, LCA entered into a partnership with the prestigious Anglia Ruskin University to run a range of undergraduate and post-graduate courses in accountancy and management. Ashcroft International Business School (AIBS), part of Anglia Ruskin University, has built a worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence for business and management education and has created flexible courses, designed to address the present and future needs of organizations. These courses are taught by LCA's team of highly experienced subject specialist lecturars. Examinations are set and are marked by academics from Auglia Ruskin University to ensure the maintenance of the level of quality which is synonymous of qualifications from the University.

Platinum ACCA Learning Partner

LCA is one of a small number of colleges around the world which has been awarded Platinum Approved Learning Partner Status by the ACCA. Platinum Status is the top level in the scheme and indicates that the institute meets the highest standards set by ACCA in its quality assurance framework.

Winner of Queen's Award for Enterprise

The Queen's Award for enterprise was awarded to LCA for outstanding performance for building business in 100 markets worldwide. LCA student’s population has grown to over 6,000 and around 80% of its students come from over 100 countries worldwide. LCA was the first accountancy college to receive the award since the scheme started in 1966.

Undergraduate Courses

These degrees have been designed in partnership with Auglia Ruskin University to offer flexible, intellectually, stimulating courses for those with an interest in becoming professional managers after graduation.

The courses are:
  • BA (Honours) Applied Accounting
  • BA (Honours) Applied Public Finance and Accounting
  • BA (Honours) International Business Management

Students must have the equivalent of two A levels and three GCSEs including English and Maths with grade C or above. An IELTS score of 6.0 or higher is acceptable instead of a GCSE in English. Course is 2 to 3 years flexible.


Exemptions for some papers are available for holders of internationally recognized degrees and other professional qualification including ACCA and CAT.

Professional Courses
LCA offers the following professional courses:
  • ACCA
  • CAT
  • CIMA
Your course for each paper will normally consist of:
  • 28 three hour sessions plus
  • 8 three hour revision session
The course options are:

Structure Duration Start Months
One Term 3 months March & September
Two Terms 5 months March & September
Three Terms 9 months March & September
One Year 12 months January & July

LCA offers a variety of course options. Full time courses are particularly suitable to overseas students and comply with UK home office student visa requirements, provided you study for a minimum of three papers at a time.
Post-Graduate Courses

These postgraduate programmes give students the opportunity to enhance their career prospects and gain knowledge of a wide range of organizational sectors.

The programmes are designed to shape students into more effective managers, who will then be better equipped to lead an organization in the constantly changing business environment of the 21st century. As such, the programme content includes the latest thinking and research on management at strategic level.

The cultural diversity of the students on the course and the international dimension within the course content adds an invaluable element to the study experience at LCA. This gives students taking up management posts with greater confidence in conducting international negotiations.

If you are an international student on this course, you will join over 4,000 students from all over the world who have chosen a programme of study from Anglia Ruskin's Ashcroft International Business School.

The Courses are:
  • MBA International
  • MA Applied Accounting
Entry Requirements
Students must:
  • have the equivalent of a UK first degree or professional qualification and appropriate work experience to benefit from the chose course.
  • have previously been taught in English and have sufficient command of English to undertake a postgraduate study course with an IELTS score of 6.5 or better
  • have sufficient managerial work experience to benefit from the chosen course.

Students with a postgraduate qualification or those with a professional qualification benchmarked as being of postgraduate standard are eligible to apply for exemptions. Each exemption granted reduces the published course fee by £400 per paper.

ACCA passed finalists are granted five exemptions. This reduces the tuition cost for such students enrolling on a 12 month MBA course to £3,400. Course duration is 2-years.

Work Permit Eligibility

On graduation from the undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, overseas students will be eligible for a 24 months’ work permit. For future information, please see the UK Home Office website.

Enrollment and Visa Applications
Overseas students should follow the steps mentioned below to enroll for an LCA course and ensure the appropriate study visa is obtained:
  • For ACCA, ICAEW, CIMA and CAT, register with the exam body for student membership and/or exam entry. For an undergraduate or postgraduate course, LCA will register you.
  • Complete the appropriate LCA enrolment form and send it to us with the full-time course fee or appropriate deposit. Enrollment forms are available from the office.
    Note: To obtain a student visa the UK Home Office requires you to enroll for a minimum of three professional papers or to be enrolled on a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course.
  • LCA recommends that you book for at least a year as this is likely to increase your chances of obtaining a visa.
  • Students booking on an Access Course must also enroll on an undergraduate course to meet Home Office requirements.
  • Arrange accommodation in London as all LCA courses are non residential. If you would like assistance with this, please contact us we will be happy to help.
  • On receipt of your LCA college acceptance letter you should then apply for your student visa or visa extension from the British Embassy/High Commission.
  • Arrive in London at least 48 hours before your course at LCA commences.

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